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      株式會社トクヤマ 中文版 ENGLISH

      About Us

        Tokuyama Chemicals (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd, (TCC) which is located in Zhapu Development Zone Zhejiang Province in China, was solely owned by Japanese Chemical Company (Tokuyama Corporation).  The factory area is 150000m2, and so far the total amount of investment is 122,000,000 US dollars and the registration capital is 56,150,000 US dollars. Our main product is fumed silica licensed by Tokuyama Corporation and the annual amount of production capacity is 11,200 tons.

        Our parent company, Tokuyama Corporation, which is a listed company of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, was founded in 1918.  The company has grown to a broad businesses field for both organic and inorganic chemicals such as caustic soda, cement, fine chemicals, aluminum nitride, polycrystalline silicon, and fumed silica. In the field of the fumed silica, Tokuyama Corporation has much production experience and performed R&D for more than 30 years, so that the products continue to meet the market demand through the process engineering, QC system, and environmental protection technology to sympathize with the society.

        Tokuyama Chemicals (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is a specialized factory for production of the fumed silica and the high purity chlorosilane.  The fumed silica production process was introduced from independently-developed Tokuyama’s technology, and the manufacturing method is established top level of the world. Our products are mainly sales for Chinese markets.

        Our company also continues to carry out R&D for the new products in order to correspond to the demand for Chinese market. Now we can supply the various silica productions ranging from the hydrophilic fumed silica to the high-performance silica accepted for a multi-purpose and multi-application.  While adding various Si products line-up, we have grown to the businesses not only silica but also chlorosilane chemicals such as high purity trichlorosilane and silicon tetrachloride.

        We would like to contribute to development of the technology, and continue offering a product with the sophisticated quality for the customer. This is the Tokuyama’s way. We believe that our product quality and the technical service must be satisfied from customer.  We will carry out "Growth, Independence, and Fairness", which is our company philosophy, and continuously make every effort to improve our products and services for all customers.

        President Tetsuya Nakano

        Date of establishment: Sep. 13th,2005.
        Operation started: Nov.,2007
        Corporate  representative:Hiroshi  Nomura
        The president of company:Shinji Tokunaga
        Number of employees:215(in Dec.2019)
        Investor:Tokuyama Corporation(Japan)100%

        Add:NO.555 Yashan West Road,Economic Development Zone,Zhapu Port,Jiaxing,Zhejiang,China

      Fumed Silica
      Tetrachlorosilane STC
      Trichlorosilane TCS
      Hydrochloric acid

      Tokuyama Chemicals(Zhejiang)CO.,Ltd.

      Add:NO.555 Yashan West Road,Economic Development Zone,Zhapu Port,Jiaxing,Zhejiang,China.

      Product Consultation :
      Tokuyama Trading(Shanghai)CO.,Ltd.

      Add:1003, Shanghai International Group Mansion.511 Wei Hai Road, Shanghai, China.

      Tokuyama Chemicals (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd All Rights Reserved
      Add:NO.555 Yashan West Road,Economic Development Zone,Zhapu Port,Jiaxing,Zhejiang,China Tel:+86-573-8552-7887