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      株式會社トクヤマ 中文版 ENGLISH

      Fumed Silica
      Introduction: Reolosil is manufactured by controlled combustion of highly purified chlorosilanes with oxygen and hydrogen.High purity inorganic powder which aggregates are formed by 3-dimentional structure on the basis of primary particles ranging from 5 to 50 nm diameter.
      Application: Thickening and thixotropic agent for liquid resin, free flow agent for powder, reinforcing for elastomers etc.
      Tetrachlorosilane STC
      Introduction: Introduction: high purity SiCL4 is manufactured by using unique technique developed by TCC, which is with a pungent odour and easy to deliquesce.
      Application: High purity STC offers many different applications such as the optical fibers, polycrystalline silicon and high purity quartz glasses.
      Trichlorosilane TCS
      Introduction: Trichlorosilane(TCS) is also called silyl trichloride,silicochloroform. TCS is manufactured by controlled reaction of high purified hydrogen chloride with metal silicon in a certain temperature and pressure,through cooling、gather、rectification. TCS is easy to volatile and deliquescent. The purity of TCS is more than 99.99% and the metal impurity is less than 10ppbwt.
      Application: Quartz glass,optical fiber perform,solar cell
      Hydrochloric acid
      Introduction: Hydrochloric acid is one by-product when TCC manufactured fumed silica.
      Application: Water treatment agent Acid washing
      Fumed Silica
      Tetrachlorosilane STC
      Trichlorosilane TCS
      Hydrochloric acid

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